South Bohemian region is an important touristic and recreational place. It has the second place in accommodation capacity after Prague (47 929 beds) and it is the 4th most visited region in Bohemia.

In South Bohemia there are many historically valuable monuments and comprehensive urban reservations. The centre of Český Krumlov was even labelled as an UNESCO World Heritage.

South Bohemia is also famous for its lakes and picturesque villages with typical brick houses of vernacular architecture – the so-called peasant Baroque. Holašovice village reservation is also in UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Czech Budweis
  • Prachatice
  • Hluboka castle
  • Tips for trips

Free time activities and possibilities in Czech Budweis and surrounding.

  • Bike rent in Czech Budweis
  • In-line skating
  • Sightseeing flights and tandem jumps in Hosín
  • Shooting range in Borek
  • Sightseeing flights and tandem jumps in Hosín.
  • Winter stadium in Czech Budweis – public skating
  • Western ranch PATRIOT
  • Haunting
  • Sightseeing cruises on Vltava river
  • Farm buildings in the traditional South Bohemian style (especially in Munice, but also in Bavorovice or Líšnice)
  • Bowling in Czech Budweis
  • Aleš’s South Bohemian Gallery with a unique display of Czech medieval art (famous collection of Gothic Madonnas)
  • System of cycle paths, as well as more challenging routes, one of the largest in the whole country.
  • Princely court gallery
  • Hunting lodge Ohrada – the oldest hunting museum in the world
  • Every year in the Hluboká is a music, theatre festival and wine festival
  • Poněšice Distillery – tour and hard liquor tasting
  • Raft Museum in Purkarec, also near the village are the ruins of small Charles castle.
  • Budweiser Budvar – sightseeing tour with tasting beer
  • Observatory and Planetarium Czech Budweis
  • Jumping playground Without Shoes in Czech Budweis – for children;
  • Swimming poll in Czech Budweis
  • Sightseeing tours

Visit in Prachatice:

  • Urban reservation Prachatice
    The historic core of the city was in 1981 declared an urban reservation.The most interesting sights here include: Church of Sts. James the Great Church tower of St. James Church, Lower Gate, Heydl’s house (no. 29), Jan Hus’ House (no. 71), Stone Fountain, Princely House (no. 169) Rumpal’s house (No. 41), Old Town Hall (no.1) Bozkovsky’s house (no. 184), House No. 31, House no. 63, Walls of Prachatice, Monastery of St. Charles Borromeo (no.142), Municipal School (no. 30), New Hall (no. 2-3), Sitr’s house – Museum of Prachatice (no. 13)
  • Sundial
    The biggest sundial in central Europe is in Prachatice near the Lower Gate.
  • Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Loreto (Hübler’s chapel)
    Baroque styled chapel of the Virgin Mary of Loreto, so-called Hübler’s chapel is located in the end of the street Gold path.
  • Spa of St. Margaret
    St. Margaret’s spa is called a place mostly built-up in the foot of Libín hill. St. Margret’s spa is 619 metres high and was used for their alleged healing spring of very cold water.
  • The Lower Gate gallery
    Gallery used for exhibitions and vernissages.
  • Cultural Centre of Otto Herbert Hajek
    Gallery exhibits a cross section of life creation.
  • Chapel of St. Philip Neri
    Also known as the Patriarch is located in the woods above the foot of the hill Libín and above the spa of St. Margaret.
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
    The establishment of Romanesque, in its current form, however, the early Gothic church with cemetery from the 13th century with Baroque modifications, is located in the town cemetery.
  • Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus
    Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus in Prachatice is open from 18 May 2006 and is a new exhibition of the National Museum.
  • Museum of Prachatice
    Museum of Prachatice was founded in 1904 on the initiative of the Museum Association.
  • Sitr’s house, Large square 13
  • Zwicker’s villa, Golden Route 255
  • Lace Museum
    The museum exhibition represent the historical European and Czech hand-made bobbin lace, lace for garment use, especially in traditional costumes, are exhibited and historical needs of the bobbin.
  • City Theatre
    The last major extensive reconstruction and modernization of the interior was completed in 2010. Inauguration of the Municipal Theatre was held on 17 September 2010.
  • „Národka Cinema“
    Cinema in primary school in National street provides movies by the current monthly offer.
Hluboká castle
  • Hluboká tour of the castle built in neo-gothic Windsor style
ZOO Ohrada Hluboká nad Vltavou
  • The zoo is accessible all year round
Golf Hluboká
  • Eighteen and nine-hole golf course
  • „Driving range“
  • Golf equipment rental and coach services
  • Winter operation
Sports complex Hluboká

Sports complex on the left bank of the Vltava River offers a wide range of sports

  • Adventure mini golf
  • Indoor and outdoor tennis courts with clay surface and polyurethane
  • Children’s court with artificial grass and a pool
  • Two soccer fields
  • Two baseball fields
  • Red clay courts, volleyball and beach volleyball field
  • Adrenalin Park featuring a Rope centre
  • Extensive playground – giant air trampoline, jungle gym, slides
  • Petanque, table tennis, playground, climbing wall
Other experiences
  • Sport fishing –
  • Glass Studio – Glass glassworks Hluboká nad Vltavou –
  • Boat trip to Hluboká
  • Gallery knives in Hluboká nad Vltavou

South Bohemia Region is full of interesting places that are definitely worth to visit. Next is a summary of some of them and the approximate distance from the hotel Albatros in kilometres.

A private museum of classic cars and old agricultural techniques in Porezany 44 43 27
Monument of Jan Hus in Husinec village 8 7 41
Museum in Volary 25 26 58
Museum of Glass in Lenora 25 26 68
State castle Kratochvile 18 17 26
Castle and gallery Dub u Prachatic 14 13 45
Christmas cribs 9 9 49
Tower house Drslavice 10 10 49
Castle Helfenburk 19 18 38
Path in treetops (Neuschönau) 63 64 106
State castle Hluboká 43 43 11
Zlata Koruna Monastery 39 40 21
State castle Cesky Krumlov 38 39 26
Observation Klet 37 38 32
Strakonice 39 38 58
National park Sumava 49 48 85
Sightseeing flights – airport in Strunkovice nad Blanici 12 11 36
Sightseeing cruise – Lipno 53 54 49
Hluboká nad Vltavou – ZOO Ohrada, castle, golf, cruise,… 42 42 10
Holasovice 31 32 17

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