Visit in Prachatice:
  • Urban reservation Prachatice
    The historic core of the city was in 1981 declared an urban reservation.
    The most interesting sights here include: Church of Sts. James the Great Church tower of St. James Church, Lower Gate, Heydl’s house (no. 29), Jan Hus’ House (no. 71), Stone Fountain, Princely House (no. 169) Rumpal’s house (No. 41), Old Town Hall (no.1) Bozkovsky’s house (no. 184), House No. 31, House no. 63, Walls of Prachatice, Monastery of St. Charles Borromeo (no.142), Municipal School (no. 30), New Hall (no. 2-3), Sitr’s house – Museum of Prachatice (no. 13)
  • Sundial
    The biggest sundial in central Europe is in Prachatice near the Lower Gate.
  • Chapel of the Virgin Mary of Loreto (Hübler’s chapel)
    Baroque styled chapel of the Virgin Mary of Loreto, so-called Hübler’s chapel is located in the end of the street Gold path.
  • Spa of St. Margaret
    St. Margaret’s spa is called a place mostly built-up in the foot of Libín hill. St. Margret’s spa is 619 metres high and was used for their alleged healing spring of very cold water.
  • The Lower Gate gallery
    Gallery used for exhibitions and vernissages.
  • Cultural Centre of Otto Herbert Hajek
    Gallery exhibits a cross section of life creation.
  • Chapel of St. Philip Neri
    Also known as the Patriarch is located in the woods above the foot of the hill Libín and above the spa of St. Margaret.
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
    The establishment of Romanesque, in its current form, however, the early Gothic church with cemetery from the 13th century with Baroque modifications, is located in the town cemetery.
  • Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus
    Museum of Czech Puppets and Circus in Prachatice is open from 18 May 2006 and is a new exhibition of the National Museum.
  • Museum of Prachatice
    Museum of Prachatice was founded in 1904 on the initiative of the Museum Association.
  • Sitr’s house, Large square 13
  • Zwicker’s villa, Golden Route 255
  • Lace Museum
    The museum exhibition represent the historical European and Czech hand-made bobbin lace, lace for garment use, especially in traditional costumes, are exhibited and historical needs of the bobbin.
  • City Theatre
    The last major extensive reconstruction and modernization of the interior was completed in 2010. Inauguration of the Municipal Theatre was held on 17 September 2010.
  • „Národka Cinema“
    Cinema in primary school in National street provides movies by the current monthly offer.

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